Letters to the Editor

Candidate selection leaves only poor choices

When I hear and see the Democrat and Republican candidates running for president, I am reminded of the Peggy Lee hit song, “Is That All There Is.” Our country is supposed to be home to some of the brightest, honest, and compassionate people on earth, yet, we have a group of presidential candidates that appear to be sub par for such a critical position in our country.

Maybe we are left with such an inferior group of candidates because the really smart and capable people who might lead this country in the right direction refuse to run because of all the negative dirt the media thrives on. Heaven forbid if you or your family did something questionable 20 years ago — the media will make sure every little detail is dredged up.

America should be very frightened with the choices we have today for president of the United States. It is very sad to see where we have been and where we are headed. God help us!

Deborah Martin, Freeburg