Letters to the Editor

Don’t dump NGA effort because of innuendos

In all my years of reading unsigned Sound-Off comments, a published comment Feb. 22 on why the NGA should not move here may be the most ignorant, uniformed comment of all. The caller cites the corruption of St. Clair County’s government for not relocating the NGA in this county.

I have heard the corruption innuendos for years, problem is no one has ever produced one scintilla of corruption that would ever bear fruit. I am wondering if the unsigned commenter has one iota of the hint of corruption, or just more of the unsubstantiated innuendos spread by more uninformed and ignorant voters.

If you have any proof and corroborated evidence, please produce it at your earliest convenience to the proper authorities. Unlike the unsigned accusations, I will sign my letter!

Unbelievable — yes let’s lose the NGA and its benefits because an unsigned and ignorant caller with uncorroborated evidence says so.

Joseph N. English, Belleville