Letters to the Editor

Keep the heat on Collinsville government

I have lived in Collinsville for 44 plus years and subscribe to BND since the Metro-East Journal ceased publication.

In your paper’s crime blotter, you make everything north of St. Clair/Madison county line look pristine, no crime, which we know is not true. The only crime from this area is when a resident goes south to commit it.

Your recent articles about the city administration should have opened the eyes of our citizens.

The mayor had loads of dirt trucked to his property via city trucks and employees. This would be fine if, he charged the city a dumping fee or paid the city for time of employee labor and use of the equipment when the work was completed, not several months later when he was caught.

A councilwoman, former city clerk, was caught using tax exempt city credit cards, and eventually paying back the cost of the purchases. What about the sales tax? If it wasn’t paid by her, that is tax evasion, which is a crime.

The previous city manager who asked for this woman’s resignation as clerk never had his contract renewed. I wonder why?

We have a couple watchdogs at the meetings, now the BND. Keep your reporter involved with Collinsville, we need the information.

Joseph E. Obernuefemann, Collinsville