Letters to the Editor

There’s a simple solution to this math problem

The Belleville News-Democrat’s article regarding oversight control of the tax burden known as MidAmerica Airport is once again an important issue for voters. As we all know, the airport has been a financial drain on taxpayers and has had one failed venture after another. Chairman Kern’s summation that this is a ploy to get votes is his only defense because he has no other explanation for voters.

After decades of failure and tens of millions of losses one would think that Chairman Kern would order his lackeys at the airport commission to hire a new director but, au contraire, Chairman Kern orders commission to give “airport to nowhere” Director Cantwell a $20K bonus. This of course is on top of Cantwell’s $10K bonus for logging trees on county property last year.

It’s pretty simple math for the educated and knowledgeable voters in his county, but if you don’t know, I will spell it out: If you like to have your tax money wasted by Kern and Cantwell, vote for Kern. If voters want fiscal responsibility, vote for Cook. It doesn’t get any easier.

Kevin Sheridan, Fairview Heights