Letters to the Editor

Hurting at DHS

At the Illinois Department of Human Services, we help families access the most basic necessities like medical assistance, food, and child care.

As a DHS caseworker, I show up to work every day and do my best to help those who need it. But Gov. Rauner is trying to blame our state’s fiscal problems on state employees like me. He’s trying to force us to accept contract terms that would double our cost to keep our health care and provide no pay raise for at least the next four years — even while he’s giving out big raises to his own staff.

The governor is clearly trying to provoke conflict and confrontation rather than working constructively to find common ground. That’s why I support House Bill 580, legislation that would provide for an impartial arbitrator to help make sure there’s a contract settlement that is fair to all involved.

I strongly encourage our state legislators to vote for HB 580 to bring a halt to the governor’s bullying tactics.

Jennifer Curtis, Belleville