Letters to the Editor

Not all have been helped

To Frankie Seaberry, though you are probably going to say this can’t be true because you don’t want to believe anything, Republicans did do many things. Here is at least one thing they did. Back in 2012, they got civil rights going. Yes, there are many sites that will claim just the opposite, that Republicans have not done anything. But there are many sites that show they have, and they are more reliable.

It’s so interesting in a way that you and several others want to put Obama on a pedestal, like he can do no wrong, along with most of the Democratic party, but they are only human, they can do wrong. They are not saints or gods or anything like that. Neither is Obama. But you and others want only to see the good regardless of anything else. You don’t seem to care that others are still suffering no matter what Obama and the Democrats are doing. Maybe they have helped out many, but as I have said before, what about those who have not been helped, do they not count, or is it just the ones that have?

Lori Felts, Worden