Letters to the Editor

More on gas prices

There is an article about gas prices, “How low can they go?” Well that may be the question in other parts of the country but not in the greater St. Louis area. While prices are coming down everywhere else the price of gasoline here is climbing higher and higher. In the last 2 weeks the wholesale price of gasoline has dropped to its lowest in almost a decade. While it may have fluctuated up a dime here and there it has dropped again to these record lows just the same. Nowhere has the price of gasoline gone up the 20 or 30 cents that the retail price of gasoline has gone up in the O’Fallon and Fairview Heights area in the last 2 weeks. Oil is selling at a quarter of what it was selling when gas was selling at $3.79 a gallon but if the price of gas is based on oils’ drop in price one would expect it to be selling at about 95 cents at the pump. Wholesale gasoline is about that price right now. If a person was to drive about 25 miles in any direction away from this area they would find the price of gasoline significantly lower than they would find around town. There is another article in the paper recently about how the big oil companies are back on to billion dollar profits based on gasoline sales.

John Bauer, New Baden