Letters to the Editor

Why they don’t like Fox

Gene Robke says we are being “misinformed” by Fox News. Just what misinformation are we getting? Year after year Fox News has been polled as the most trusted of all the cable news channels while MSNBC, that bulwark of the left wing nut cases, has been judged the least. Also Fox News is the most watched.

The reason Robke and his fellow travelers do not like Fox is because they give us the truth about the perfidy’s of the Obama administration while the left wing drive by news channels ignore them. And why shouldn’t the Dow be doing well? After all Obama has propped them up with hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money. And if Obama has created so many great jobs, why is the average income of middle class Americans gone down by $2,300 a year?

Robke never mentions that Obama has raised the national debt more than all other presidents put together and that there are tens of millions more people on welfare since Obama took office? Robke insists that the 2009 deficit was George Bush’s. While it is true that the 2009 budget was signed by Bush the deficit is the amount of money spent versus the money collected. Obama spent that money in 2009, not Bush, so the deficit is Obama’s. The 2008 deficit was only $459 billion. As far as vacation days are concerned, Robke fails to include the hundreds of days Obama was off playing golf or fundraising.

Leon Anderson, Collinsville