Letters to the Editor

Trump’s accusations are groundless

In his fight for the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump has called the war in Iraq a mistake and has even accused the Bush administration of lying in order to make war on Iraq. His accusations are groundless.

President Bush did not want to go to war in Iraq any more than anyone else did. However, at the time, there was speculation that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and the speculation and concern about it was harbored by other nations.

The United States invaded Iraq and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. It was akin to this country playing the role of the world’s policemen and responding to a false alarm.

Criticism of the war in Iraq may be justified at least to an extent, but out conduct of the war in Iraq has made Vietnam look much better.

I am a veteran of the war in Vietnam and I guess that we Vietnam veterans can be grateful to Donald Trump for making our war and the cause for which we fought a lot better than has been looked upon before.

Frank B. Austin, O’Fallon