Letters to the Editor

Supreme Court

What are the Republicans afraid of with President Obama doing his constitutional duty of appointing a replacement Supreme Court Justice? Are they afraid of the Constitution all of a sudden? Are they afraid of their vote in the Senate being a matter of record? There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits the president from making an appointment.

The Republican presidential candidates, et al, are calling for the president to not fulfill his constitutional obligation, but scream at other times that the Constitution is not being followed. Just like a Republican, one way, their way, only when it suits them and their special interests.

Why clamor over the president making an appointment? He is going to do his job, the senators just need to do theirs.

However, it is time that the majority of the Supreme Court go back to representing the people instead of special interests, such as the wealthy, the corporate and others. Back to making decisions that positively affect the people of our society and not oppressing them.

Don Ogle, Granite City