Letters to the Editor

Why do they change?

Is there a reason why people can’t be normal human beings as the way God created us to be? Money, fancy vehicles, clothes, and jewelry don’t make a person. It’s what’s in your heart.

Why do politicians, judges and most attorneys take an oath to uphold the laws and then when elected they throw that oath right out the window? I couldn’t even begin to describe today’s society.

Board chairman Mark Kern and your cronies on the board what was your logic refinancing the bonds on that money pit, MidAmerica Airport? For Pete’s sake those bonds weren’t due for another 14 years.

I really have to wonder if the entire Kern family have any morals at all. People have you ever given any thought as to why Kern wants that airport and NGA over here?

As a leader (Kern) you are as incompetent as they ever come along with Madigan, Cullerton and the rest of the Chifield politicians. That also included Holbrook, Hoffman, Clayborne and Jackson.

Attorney Katherine Ruocco I have been trying to reach your law office, but the recording says your number has been disconnected. Is there any way I can contact you and your office. I would like to talk with you about some legal advice.

Oh, and so I don’t forget, hey Jim Walters, Hillary Clinton for prison, 2016!

Harold Griffin, Belleville