Letters to the Editor

McConnell, Republicans are obstructionists

Well it didn’t take long for Mitch McConnell to raise his hateful Republican voice after Judge Scalia’s recent sudden death. He once again solidified his party’s hatred and uncooperative stance against President Obama’s honorable service. The Republican obstructionists took little time to attack our president in his duty to replace a fallen Supreme Court Judge and to keep our vital federal legal system at full strength. Just as they have stifled our Congress they now have the gall to halt judicial progress in our federal court system.

The hypocrisy of McConnell and the entire Republican House is a disgraceful show of partisan politics at its worst. If a Republican president were in office they would move so quickly to expedite his replacement I don’t believe the vacant seat would have time to cool. Their recent rhetoric and soon to be inaction is just another example of a Republican Party out of control and buried in their own waste. No need to remind them that this president was elected twice and that he is well equipped to nominate a viable candidate to replace Scalia ... they don’t care. Their hatred of our government and this president shines like a beacon ... shame on them.

Tom Hardesty, Collinsville