Letters to the Editor

Hasn’t Illinois had enough?

Unbelievable! Some moron in Chicago wants to make Barack Obama’s birthday a state holiday. Really? The idea being that he’s our first black president and he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

First of all, he’s only half black, so he doesn’t fully meet that requirement. As for the Peace Prize, he was in office barely overnight before that was bought for him. He sure didn’t earn it. If he were an honorable man, he would have turned it down.

Isn’t it enough that our state will eventually waste precious space on a library dedicated to one of the saddest excuses for a leader in our history? The Chicago Democrats are once again trying to make fools of the people of this once great state.

By the way, so you don’t accuse me of bias, Al Gore didn’t deserve his prize for his movie, either. There was nothing in it that I hadn’t already seen on the National Geographic Channel.

Ramona Calvert, Belleville