Letters to the Editor

More about the ‘silver bullet’

If you missed my first letter on this point, the “silver bullet” is Hillary Clinton’s verified e-mail instruction to her subordinate to do two things: 1) to remove the classified markings from a document; and 2) to transmit the now unmarked document to an unsecured server. Clinton’s instructions to her subordinate make it clear that she, personally and intentionally, ordered classified information to be improperly, and perhaps unlawfully, handled.

If Clinton’s actions in ordering a subordinate to mishandle classified information were properly used by her foes, Clinton’s presidential bid could be severely crippled or even ended. However, Ray Hollmann’s “BB pellet,” “tempest in a teapot” or “mountain out of a molehill” metaphors may gain public acceptance for two sorrowfully unfortunate reasons: 1) the public is generally unaware of the true damage which occurs when classified information becomes available to our enemies; and 2) the media is doing everything possible to suggest that the top secret information Clinton mishandled is nothing more than irrelevant e-mails.

Let me distill this issue to its true essence. It doesn’t matter if the classified information Clinton mishandled was nothing more than Aunt Bessie’s meatball recipe. The issue here is that Clinton intentionally mishandled information which should have been protected. Period.

Clinton’s recklessness should preclude her from holding any office of public trust.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville