Letters to the Editor

Reality and Obama

To the recent “see the Obama light” advocates, President Obama’s performance hardly equals his 2008 Kumbaya campaign hype. Agree or not, he can take credit for saving the economy from the brink, Obamacare, the draw down of U.S. troops, killing Bin Laden. Better economic statistics seven years later? Yes. Praise the numbers, but not the reality on Main Street USA.

• We are experiencing the worst “recovery” on record.

• GDP growth remains sluggish.

• Jobs created? 5 percent unemployment? By percentage, less people are employed than in 1978.

• More people are on government assistance.

• Wages are stagnant.

• Median family income is down.

• The wealth gap between “Fat Cats” and have-nots has widened.

Also consider:

• The National Debt has nearly doubled from an “unpatriotic” $10 trillion to $19 trillion.

• The great Uniter’s no red, no blue states are as divided as ever.

• Transparency? Nixonesque scandals remain unanswered.

• Illegal immigration lingers.

• ISIS terrorism is more widespread.

Credit due? Sorry. Unless your high priorities include green energy and global warming awareness, this record is hardly worthy of lofty praise. Certainly, both parties are mired in ideological muck and finger-pointing. But President Obama is the elected “leader” of the U.S., and genuine leaders are problem-solving action people. Both Presidents Clinton and Reagan realized achievement working with an unfriendly congress. Unfortunately, this president has shown little inclination to rise above ideology and prove himself their peer.

Mars Eghigian, Belleville