Letters to the Editor

Bless the friends of animals

Wow, what great people in O’Fallon. The good folks at Spencer Kennel, God’s people caring for his animals all year long. Pets and strays, no-kill folks with hearts of gold. From Mayor Gary to John West, a County Board Member and Alderman in O’Fallon. Wow, we all know in our hearts you’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything. Yes, standing for strong principles is the American way.

What an honor it is to meet great people, our heroes, like the folks at Spencer Kennel. Happy 60th wedding anniversary to our good, great friend the Honorable Mayor Len Black and his First Lady. Len Black, God bless you both of Caseyville. A great place to live. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of our heroes. Our police, our fire department, volunteers for the Lord, our veterans, our troops.

Please give a dog or a cat a good, warm, loving home. Give some love, set some love. God bless America. We are proud to salute Old Glory.

Tom Qualls Sr., Washington Park