Letters to the Editor

A chance to save money

Citizens hoping to bring fiscal restraint to Madison County government now circulate a petition for referendum that could save taxpayers an estimated $2,333,600 a year. The petition reads; “the appropriate current maximum allowable tax extendable on a single family home with a fair market value of $100,000 of $83.33 under the current tax rate should be reduced to $66.67 under the proposed tax rate.” Thus the maximum tax for general county purposes would “be established at .20 percent of the equalized assessed value of taxable value therein instead of .25 percent.” Calculations prove this would save homeowners approximately $2,333,600 in yearly property taxes. It’s your money and you should keep more of it.

If you’ve had enough of high taxes and the insatiable demands of Madison County government for more money, I hope you’ll sign the petition. As I’ve campaigned door to door many people have already signed it. If I come for a visit I’ll bring a chance for property tax relief to your door. I hope you’ll vote for me, Philip W. Chapman, candidate for County Board District 3 in the Republican Primary, March 15.

Philip W. Chapman, Highland