Letters to the Editor

Tariffs, training will create jobs

I reference Brad Sewell’s recent letter on “Fewer Workers.” He states that there are only 100 million workers in a population of 300 million because a great many jobs have left the country. The reason the jobs left is because labor costs are substantially lower overseas.

Mr. Sewell comments further on the need for greater workforce participation but he offers no solutions and he bemoans the lack of proposals by the current presidential candidates. I believe the only policies that will result in greater workforce participation are training for the modern jobs of today and training for the jobs that are not subject to foreign competition such as repair and craft type work, i.e. carpenters, welders, auto mechanics, etc. In addition, the return of the protectionism of high tariffs on all imported goods would result in millions of American workers being employed.

The cost of high tariffs would be a substantial increase in the cost of manufactured goods. We all have too many “things” now. That is why our garages are overflowing, the basement is full and the “temporary” storage business rapidly expands. Opponents say “high tariffs” caused the Great Depression. I contend it was caused by the financial excesses of the 1920s and government policy of very tight money in the early 1930s. Protectionism would put millions of Americans to work.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon