Letters to the Editor

Obstructionism isn’t new

Obstruction of Justice Scalia’s replacement is nothing new. The primary goal of the Republican Congress has been to obstruct, since the beginning of the Clinton administration. They blocked, stalled or watered down every attempt by President Clinton to fight terrorism.

Since 1993, they have wasted $95 million taxpayer dollars investigating the Clinton’s, while wasting valuable Congressional time.

Since President Obama took office, the Republican party’s strategy has been to block everything he wants. They obstruct the IRS any way they can, by blocking all legislation to stop tax loopholes, inversions and havens. They have obstructed all legislation to help the middle class and strengthen our economy. They have filibustered all infrastructure jobs bills, which would produce millions of jobs and stimulate our economy for years to come.

For every infrastructure failure, such as Flint, Michigan’s water issue, Democrats should rent billboards displaying names and pictures of local Republicans opposed to repairing that infrastructure.

Since Justice Scalia’s death, suddenly Republicans believe the last year of a presidency doesn’t count for choosing his replacement. It turns out the president’s second-to-last year doesn’t count either.

Republicans obstructed nearly all of Obama’s judicial picks last year, too.

Democrats have done a very poor job of telling this obstruction story to the American electorate.

Next November we will have the opportunity to obstruct Republicans from doing further damage to our country.

Gene Robke, Carlyle