Letters to the Editor

3-7-16 Sound-Off: Should a murder trial be off-limits to the public?

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Murder trial costs

Another sensational trial in St. Clair County. I’m referring to the McCallum murder case. How much does the case cost the taxpayers? How many officers did it take off of the street for this thug trial? How much of the area was unprotected because police officers were at the Court House. Have the trail at Belleville East, everyone can fit in the bleachers. Another waste of taxpayers’ money. A murder trial should be off limits to the public.

Blame the press

It’s ironic that although members of the press abhor Donald Trump, and are doing all they can to keep him from winning, the presidency, he is a monster of their own creation. The 24 hour news cycle, the quest for ratings, the love of the sound bite — that is what he is. He boosts their ratings, gives them their soundbites and keeps people watching them. But they can’t stand his substance. The news should not be entertaining, it should be informative. Maybe this will get them to understand their true job and not to be raiding talents like they are.

Don’t give them a break

I think the idea of a dispensation for people who have forgotten to renew their license plates is another example of rewarding irresponsibility. The state does not operate like your doctor or dental office, who call you up to remind you of an appointment. This is a normal thing that happens once a year. Look on your plate, it has the date printed on the sticker. Not too tough.

Should know better

I’m calling about the $20 fine for the people who forget to renew their license stickers. If you are old and mature enough to own and drive a car, you know when your license plates are going to expire. You also know when your driver’s license is going to expire. If you are old enough to drive, you should be old enough to remember when it’s due. Period.

Don’t complain

I’m reading the letter about the writer on Medicaid Advantage, and how it is cutting into her budget. Guess what? Advantage is called an Orphan Medicare Plan, guess who pays for your Medicare plan? People like me. We have to pay a double premium to help pay for your Orphan Medicare Plan. Think of the things I have to cut back on to come up with another $104 dollars per month. I’m not enjoying that one bit. I have a deductible, and rarely go to the doctor. People on Advantage, go to the doctor all too frequently. They should cut back on your coverage, you are taking advantage of a good thing.

Why worry?

Why is Dallas Cook’s name in the paper regarding the county’s’ business. He is the city clerk, and should go to work. Stop worrying about the county judges and everyone else’s business.

No NGA for you

Wake up St. Clair County, the NGA is not coming to Illinois. The only move that makes sense won’t happen, because it makes sense. Millions will be spent in Missouri to help that area and they see no benefit to helping our side of the river. We will see what happens, but more of a benefit for the East Side than West Side.

That’s Illinois politics

As expected the three judges are allowed to stay on the ballot. Most people in Illinois don’t understand Illinois politics. Chicago down to Southern Illinois, live like it won’t bother you, or move. This is how it goes.

Concerned about ‘hopefully’

This is about the O’Fallon Family Sports Park article. When first conceived, it wsa funded with city money, with the understanding the park would become self-sustaining and pay for further improvements. Now the park director has said they are looking to expand the park hopefully without utilizing any taxpayer money. “Hopefully” concerns me. A guarantee by the consulting company should be backed up with a surety bond. Otherwise O’Fallon needs to rethink it.

Conceal and carry

The Missouri legislature is debating a new law that would allow conceal and carry on the St. Louis light-rail system. The Illinois legislature needs to follow Missouri and pass a law for conceal and carry on the MetroLink in Illinois.

Need a phone

About Mark Kern making cuts in the paper, where he mentions Obama giving free cell phones to the poor. You are lucky to get a phone that works. If it doesn’t work, you have to call the number for the cell phone — Safe Link. You get someone from Honduras who has you on the phone for an hour telling to do this, do that, and all these tasks. Very annoying. My disability breaks down to $5.35 an hour. So, Mark Kern, how about buying me an iPhone 6, I’d really like that.

Help with college

I just had good news. The state of Illinois is not doing MAP grants. I was all set to co-sign for my granddaughter for Sally Mae, just got a call, Concordia University Chicago is the only college in Illinois writing off the MAP grants. They are taking care of the freight. Thank God for CUC,

The real problem

I find it telling that a college professor blames Gov. Rauner for the situation we are in. This person wasn’t screaming when Blagojevich and other governors were not funding their pensions, yet giving them larger and larger pensions. Now it affects them directly, not the rest of us. Rauner is willing to negotiate, but some of his agenda, like term limits or worker’s comp reform, need some negotiation. The Democrats who created the problems give a pass in the situation and they are the real problem.

Break it up

These politicians in St. Clair County operate this county as if they own it. Apply for a job at the court house and you will never get a sniff at that job. They will give it to one of their relatives or cronies. Same in Springfield, owned and operated by these Democrats and when they are not in office, the Republicans own and operate it like it is theirs. The Federal Government and the US political system, is owned and operated by political Democrats, Republican alike. They make the rules, they make it work, and they’ve been cheating. I’m for Trump to break up this racket

The bishop’s house

Wouldn’t we all love to have a home like the bishop’s? See front page of last Sunday’s paper. At least eight pillows on the huge sofa, and all of his oil paintings. All of these luxuries, one person only in that house. All the poor people who can’t even eek out a living.

Guns for kids?

After watching the nightly news last Sunday night to see that they were talking about hand guns for children, what mother or father in their right mind would give a hand gun to a son or daughter under the age of 18? There are too many guns in the hands of children now.

What oversight?

St. Clair County is having financial difficulties, but they authorize a 2 percent pay increase while laying off employees. But not every office laid off workers — look at the auditor’s office, and county board office. Now I understand Debra Moore wants a new car. What kind of financial oversight is going on at 10 Public Square?