Letters to the Editor

Illinois needs to realize financial danger

I am amazed at the large number of Illinois citizens that don’t seem to comprehend the horrific financial position and rampant corruption that controls Illinois’ city, county and state governments.

I don’t believe the people of Illinois understand how close this state is to what would be bankruptcy in a civil relationship. Some vendors have actually stopped selling to the state, because the state doesn’t pay them. Illinois’ creditors understand that Illinois is very close to following Detroit into bankruptcy, I repeat, bankruptcy.

I don’t understand why some Illinois citizens are upset that Gov. Rauner has stopped giving their personal tax money to certain governmental and non-profit agencies. On the other hand, I personally am pleased that the governor is actually doing something to prevent the state from taking more of our money.

The state has only two options:

1) Raise taxes — the governor does not want to do this, because he does not want to take your money you have worked for.

2) Cut governmental services — The governor prefers to eliminate government waste and services, so you can keep your money in your pocket — after all, you earned it.

The voters have an option the governor does not have: We can replace every legislator that won’t help the governor help us keep our money in upcoming elections.

Please join with me in demanding that Madigan, Cullerton and their pals begin working with the governor and stop wasting your money and mine.

Joe Fairbanks, Fairview Heights