Letters to the Editor

Consider this

Just some thoughts

If Donald Trump is elected president of the United States, how willing would he be to accept advice from Pentagon leaders, department heads, world leaders, and cabinet members?

With President Obama’s plan to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, it would be a great opportunity for him to appoint a sympathizer of Sharia law to the bench.

If the Muslim immigration is not a problem, why are they having so much trouble with them in Europe?

If the federal government only enforces certain laws, can citizens then obey only the laws that they select? One makes as much sense as the other.

Forty-nine years ago I was on the Cambodian border fighting a war that was lost in Washington, D.C., and Berkeley, California. Thanks, liberals.

The least qualified Republican candidate for president is vastly more qualified than either Democratic candidate. Failure is not qualifying experience.

Why are the Democrats in the Illinois Congress so intent on bankrupting this state? Apparently they want businesses (employers) to leave the state and tax the middle class into extinction. Are they all crazy or are those who keep reelecting them crazy?

If Hillary is elected president, will she be serving from Leavenworth?

Jim Bonnevier, Belleville