Letters to the Editor

There is a way out

In the spirit of political compromise in this season of unprecedented lack of comity among the political parties I have been persuaded by arguments regarding the constitutional duty of the Senate to hold timely hearings on the upcoming SCOTUS nomination. Therefore, I encourage and expect Sen. McConnell will announce that as soon as POTUS fulfills his duty as specified in the Constitution. Namely the requirement for an oath of office wherein he swears to faithfully execute the laws of the U.S. thereby causing him to direct AG Loretta Lynch to act on the imminent, if not already done, FBI referral for indictment of Hilary Clinton. The Senate will likewise constitutionally take up his proposed appointment to the court.

That way the Constitution is honored by both and neither outcome is assured. I say, you want something, I want something. Let’s make an agreement and settle two issues that are very important to each other. Great, no obstructionism. After all AG Lynch may decide and justify why no Hilary indictment and the Senate may not affirm the Court nominee.

Jim Moore, Fairview Heights