Letters to the Editor

What is going on?

I’m beginning to wonder why the leadership in Caseyville — township and village — seem to be suffering from “convenient amnesia?” In the village, Mayor Leonard Black refuses to answer if taxpayers paid for his personal legal expenses relevant to a personal lawsuit filed against him immediately following his 2013 disputed victory over former George Chance. Black also refuses to comment on why two law firms pulled up stakes in the middle of the night and left town at the same time.

In Caseyville Township, Supervisor Bruce Canty refuses to answer why public records stored on computer hard drives were mysteriously found destroyed in Halloween decorations in the basement of the township. Canty has also refused to disclose to the board of trustees the whereabouts of his township owned computer. Why? To make matters worse, it now seems Canty is refusing to talk to the board of trustees without his personal attorney present. Why?

All Supervisor Canty and Mayor Black seem to know how to say these days is “NO COMMENT” Why? Is there really something in the water in Caseyville? Or is it that these pretty “vanilla” questions have some very inconvenient truths?

Brad VanHoose, Belleville