Letters to the Editor

Consider this veteran

Retired Marine Lt. Col. Paul Schimpf has been protecting our nation for 24 years and now it’s time for him to be elected to help protect our values and to restore fiscal sanity to Illinois as state senator from our district.

I have met Paul on several occasions and worked hard to get him elected as our attorney general. Paul did very well in that race despite facing the Democratic Chicago machine.

Paul is very strong on the 2nd Amendment, the value of life, fiscal sanity and commonsense policy for our state. Paul is running to replace the highly respected State Sen. Dave Luechtefeld, who has strongly endorsed Paul.

Col. Schimpf was a Marine rifleman, leader and later a military justice lawyer. Paul led the successful prosecution of Saddam Hussein for the Coalition Forces. After his military career, Paul returned to Waterloo, his home town.

I strongly urge my fellow Republicans and Independents in his district, which includes part of St. Clair County, to vote for Paul in the upcoming March 15 primary, or now if you are voting absentee or voting early.

Phil Henning, Smithton