Letters to the Editor

Twisting the truth

Eric Eckholm’s biased advocacy for abortion services with no access to hospital care twists the truth. He would have us believe that an abortion facility having physicians with hospital privileges is an undue burden on women’s health. In fact, just the opposite is true. A woman with complications from an abortion may well need hospital care. Her admission to services might well be accomplished with a phone call by a physician with privileges. If there is no such physician at a “7-11” type abortion-on-demand location, what is she to do? The ER is the next stop. And if anyone has been to an ER in the last 10 years, you know that the waiting time may well exceed “driving for hours” to obtain a safe initial procedure. Is it “health care for women” to put her in line behind auto accident victims, cardiac arrests and bleed-outs from stabbing and gunshot wounds? I think not. Assuring access to hospital care is in the interests of such a vulnerable woman.

Richard Wagner, Highland