Letters to the Editor

3-14-16 Sound-Off: Cemetery should do its own cleanup

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Volunteers clean up cemetery

All these people volunteering, cleaning up a cemetery overgrown for 20 years. What about the people who run the cemetery, where does that money go? Now Volunteers to help? It should be the people who run the cemetery to do the clean-up.

Reporters deserve pat on the back

Robyn Kirsh and Mark Hodapp need a pat on the back for writing the article last week about O’Fallon and the Rasp Farm. I’d like to see a breakdown of all the TIF’s in O’Fallon, and just how much money is being diverted away from the schools, who turn around and tax us to make up the difference.

Thanks, Triad, for helping handicapped

I’d like to thank Triad High school athletic department during the regional tournament for helping out the handicapped.

New people needed in office

The flyer came from the St. Clair County Democratic Central Committee, they have no shame of spending all the taxpayers’ money, and they play them for the fool all the time. Bob Romanik would be better than any other candidate in St. Clair County. We need new people in office for the whole region.

I agree

I agree with the postcard in the mail today, sent by the Democratic Central Committee. Bob Romanik is a despicable dishonest creature of the gutter who takes pride in the filth he wallows in.

Choice in St. Clair County

Mark Kern and the McCall team sent out a flyer on a Republican candidate using the term “Phony Freedom Coalition”. I get a choice of voting for the same people who have bankrupt St. Clair County including the wasteful projects, including the airport, and those running the campaign getting crazy pay and benefits and they do what Mr. Sprague tells them to. Keep the crooks, or vote for the one that was a felon in the past and now he wants to change the way St. Clair County is run.

Support letter writer

I read and respect letter writer Kevin Sheridan for addressing various issues. Unlike Caseyville resident Brad VanHoose who is always attacking people not issues. Keep up the good work Kevin. You got my vote.

Disgusted with Chris Christie

I’m disgusted at Chris Christie that he can’t see beyond Donald Trump. Trump is not presidential material. Like a brain surgeon operating with no medical training! Trump will tear up the Republican Party. He keeps saying he will make America great again. Don’t believe that. America, you are much better than Donald Trump can make you right now. It’s so disgusting I’m in a state of disbelief.

Just shouting matches

I think Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz just want to have shouting matches and not talk about what we need in this country. These are grown men and should be able to talk about what this country needs and they don’t do that. Nobody ever wanted Mitt Romney and he should keep quiet. And Bernie Sanders is too old.

Socialist teaching, leadership

Thousands of young people who have been brainwashed with Socialism in schools since preschool gather at SIUE to cheer for an admitted Marxist Communist running for president. The Democrats have two people running, even Democrats better realize what they are getting themselves into, voting for these people. Look at the last eight years under a socialist president and how that has worked out.

Feel the wrath

Nice letter in the News Democrat by Baricevic’s lap dog, Joe English. Anybody that says anything bad, will feel the wrath of Joe. He’s been taught that by this trainer Baricevic. I do agree that he needs to build a facility over in St. Clair County, but he says there is no evidence of corruption in St. Clair County. What do you call the judge reelection debacle? That is corruption. The other example of corruption is MidAmerica Airport. Keep defending your master Joe, and look forward to your next one.

Poster boy

Joe English still the poster boy for St. Clair County. Mr. English, how do you report to the authorities when they are part of the corruption in St. Clair County? You should know what the courts system is comprised of.

Investigate the doctor

The woman that lied about cancer, where does she get the chemo drug? If the doctor was getting the drugs for her, shouldn’t he be investigated, maybe going to jail too?

Not a crook?

I remember when Nixon was president and they were trying to impeach him for erasing 20 minutes of tape. Today we have Hillary who deleted 30,000 emails. Nixon was a crook, but Hillary isn’t?

Paying the price

We are going to pay taxes again in June, because of what Bob Delaney and Democratic Party did, we are all going to pay a high price.

Collinsville credit cards

How much is the City of Collinsville receiving rebates from the credit card company? Just how much of a credit does the city realize compared to the danger of abuse. Using these cards for personal spending is not right.

Knowing the tricks

How can you find out if someone is filing their third bankruptcy? They are getting a tax refund which is worth more than my car is worth? Then a two-week vacation to Texas? Shouldn’t that money be used to pay off the bankruptcy? They know the tricks, don’t they?

Vote no on fire station

The Freeburg Fire Volunteers want a new $3.95 million fire station. Why? Good question. The only answer is because Smithton got one. There is nothing wrong with the current one. They want their own gym and palace at taxpayers’ expense. How about the million dollar truck they bought 2 years ago? By the way, you paid for their signs, too. They will not tell you the increase in property taxes. Tax dollars do not grow on trees. Vote no on the fire station referendum.

Bigger concerns

There seems to be a lot of concern over the topless club in the Delmar Loop. Seems to me St. Louis has far greater concerns to deal with such as the security issue. The risk of serious injury or death of customers should be higher priority than some seminude girls.

Clay’s remark

The remark Congressman Clay made at the news conference was really ignorant and stupid on his part. He ought to check his facts. He made the comment that they didn’t need to be in a corn field next to a airbase. I bet there’s not near as many bodies found in that area than compared to the North St. Louis area. I think they should put the statistics on the shootings and fatal shootings have happened in that area. Then let’s see how they compare.