Letters to the Editor

Glimmer of hope

I become discouraged at the high rate of crime and the racist comments, the drug use and the murders in St. Louis and the metro-east. I don’t know who to trust, whether it’s a politician, a clergy member, or a local business. I think, what is the future of our great country? Then I am given a glimmer of hope.

Last week, we had our Senior Citizens Prom at the Collinsville Township Senior Center which was sponsored by the Collinsville High School Student Council. Our Center was decorated in a Hawaiian theme, we were treated to a catered dinner and a disc jockey played music for us as we danced with the students into the night. The Student Council paid for all of this and then cleaned the center afterward. Kyle Gordon, the adviser for the student council, leads this group of young adults. They have been named to the National Gold Council of Excellence for the 10th time.

I spoke to many of the students who were there and they have a great sense of pride in this country. It is uplifting to see the kind of leadership qualities they are learning. I think there is hope for us after all.

On behalf of myself, our Township Supervisor Terry “Bones” Allan and the staff at our Senior Center, I extend my thanks to Mr. Gordon and the 400 members of the Collinsville High School Student Council. Keep up the good work.

Albert Artimisi, director, Collinsville Township Senior Center