Letters to the Editor

Orders from new world order

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), has come out and tried to tell Donald Trump that he should no longer use the phrase, “Let’s make America first!” Why? Ask some of your Hillary liberal socialist friends.

Is that what you want for your grandchildren? Only allowed to say what they want you to say? Time to stand up and fight these political speech police. Our liberties do not exist by accident. We have a governing document which outlines the freedoms the American people protected and honored.

The orders are probably coming from the new world order people who have been pulling the strings of our government the last several years. They’re thinking this may be the last chance to take over America ... if we will let them. That choice will be made by all this November. Time to put up or shut up they are saying. I know my choice, are your with me?

John Schrand, Belleville