Letters to the Editor

5-9-16 Sound-Off: Where’s Clayborne on the Horseshoe Lake park closing?

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Sen. Clayborne needs to aid Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake State park is in Sen. Clayborne’s district. And to get the power turned on we need to pay for three parks, and the cost is $3,500. Sen. Clayborne, you’ve got over a million in your campaign fund. Can’t you come up with $3,500 so the people in your district can still go fishing? There’s no budget because it’s partly your fault anyway. Step up senator.

Culver’s bright idea doesn’t sound safe

Closing of Milles Davis School. Here we go with again with Mr. Culver and his bright ideas, to put the kindergarteners back in the elementary school. That’s a good idea, but taking the fifth-graders and mixing them in with the middleschool kids, a bad idea. Take the fifth- and sixth-graders and put them in one middle school and put the seventh- and eighth-graders in the other middle school. How would he feel if his fifth-grader was merged with kids that are of high school age? Doesn’t sound like a safe idea to me.

Blame Democrats for county, state messes

For the Liberal Democrats, let’s use logic. Start with the county government — the Democratic Party has been running it for decades. Look at your tax bill and look at the waste, the voter fraud down the hill, appointed officials with felony records. Then look at the state: no budget, billions in debt, can’t pay our bills. That you can’t blame on the governor, he inherited all this mess. Obama inherited his mess from Bush, apply it to a Republican.

Assessor’s Office

I’ve tried to call Assessor’s Office and Jennifer Gomric-Minton 10 times a day — they won’t pick up the phone. They are ashamed because they raised our taxes so high. We won’t forget about this at election time. We will vote all the Democrats out.

High property taxes

Our property taxes have gone up tremendously. I know some people’s taxes have doubled in impoverished areas of St. Clair County. A house in St. Clair County in Swansea Belleville is taxed less but worth more than a house down in Centerville, Alorton. A friend of mine owns a $30,000 house and pays $2,000 in taxes a year, while his parents’ house is taxed at less than half that.

Nothing accomplished

In a recent commentary from the Miami Herald by Fabiola Santiago, she blasts Trump for his comments about Hillary, reminding us all of her governmental experience versus him having none. Am I missing something or is not the government the problem? Secretary of State, oh that’s easy to say, now show me something she accomplished as Secretary of State other than allowing five innocent people to be killed! Only the devil could be worse than Hillary.

Why support them?

Federal government — look at where you are now compared to when Obama took office. The blacks, your unemployment rate is higher than anybody’s in this country. More of you on welfare. Why support the same people to come in and do it again? Working people, union workers, look at your wages. Look at how many of you are left, because of jobs that have left and a Democratic President called Bill Clinton and NAFTA. Why would you continue to support them?


Autopsy done on Prince, but none done Anthony Scalia. Why?

No sense

Most media outlets don’t make any sense. CNN, MSNBC, all media outlets are backing Obama no matter what. He could blow up a city and they will back him. The media goes after one class of people, racism and this and that. There is no law out there and nobody can tell me who to like and dislike, that is my business. I don’t need a goofball to tell me how to live my life.

Scott Air Force Base

All you useless Democratic leaders get your head out of the sand and wrap it around the fact that Scott Air Force Base could end up like the old NGA, where all the big shot Democrats thought they were so cocky about bringing in here. Reminds me of Obama bringing the Olympics to Chicago. These people are lying frauds. You can’t trust them, can’t believe them.

Lindenwood flowers

If it is true about Eckert Florist supplying all flowers for Lindenwood’s graduation, this seems to be a conflict of interest. They need to investigate. No other flower shop? Wake up people.

Mothers get paid?

Here’s a prime example of what progressive Democrats have done to this country. An article in the BND says we are now paying people to take care of their own kids. Paying them $13 to $15 per hour for mothers to take care of their kids. I know some are sick and need help, but that is what parents do. You don’t get paid to take care of your own kids. This is ridiculous.

A national story

St. Clair County leaders need to get some kind of national attention on the NGA issue. It’s such a no-brainer to build next to Scott Air Force Base. The local media won’t touch it, it needs to be a national story.

Afraid of Trump

Why are the liberal socialists so afraid of having Trump elected as president? That’s why they go out and protest. They are afraid of Trump, they know he knows their secrets and he won’t be afraid when elected to tell the world about the socialist secrets for the New World Order. He won’t put up with it. Let’s elect him.

Complaining teachers

The teachers are making a disturbance about not getting paid in Detroit. Teachers always complain about something, they always want something. They never think of the kids. So they call school off. Why should they get paid? They are not teaching in the summer. That’s Detroit, just like Illinois, no money.

Unmarked city trucks

I see why the city of Belleville doesn’t want their trucks marked, especially when they are transporting refrigerators to superintendents’ homes on city time using these trucks. That’s why they don’t want the trucks marked, because they don’t want anyone to know what is going on. They better watch out, they are going to get pictures taken, put in the paper and sent to Channel 2 News.

Care for the needy

According to the BND, the township’s duties are to take care of the needy. Don’t we have enough government programs to care for the needy?

TIF taxes

Did you look at your tax bill, in St. Clair County, after schools, the next highest tax is for TIF — $44,447,546. TIF goes to private businesses, nothing to do with the government. Get rid of it. Vote Mike Buettner for mayor.

No country left

Unlike these Democrats who say if Trump is elected they are going to leave the country and move somewhere else, if Hillary is elected we won’t have to worry about that — there won’t be a country left.


I hope the young lady that got hit by Lindenwood is OK. I hate to say it, but the kids are lazy if they can’t walk a half block to the intersection. If you cross in the middle of the street they are jaywalkers and should be issued a ticket. They should know better if they are smart enough to go to college.