Letters to the Editor

Voters should be outraged by higher taxes

Once again, the homeowners of St. Clair County are forced to pay higher property taxes. When does it stop!

Why are these increases never approved by the voters/homeowners? We are only given the right to protest our property taxes only to have them briefly lowered and then reassessed even higher. When does the poor homeowner get their Tax Increment Financing?

People were outraged at the possibility of being taxed on the number of miles they drive. Why are we not outraged at paying higher and higher property taxes? It is no wonder restaurants close, businesses fail, strip malls are vacant. People no longer have money to spend or enjoy. It’s all about doing without so we can pay more in taxes.

It is no surprise to me that the NGA decided not to move to St. Clair County. I would rather work on toxic soil in North St. Louis and dodge gunfire, than live in St. Clair County and have to pay toxic property taxes year after year.

Wake up people! This is your hard-earned money, not an unlimited source for continued waste by your local government leaders.

Deborah Martin, Freeburg