Letters to the Editor

Hillary’s resume is lacking

I read reporter Petula Dvorak’s “Woman’s Card” commentary with skepticism. She believes Hillary Clinton’s playing of the “woman card” is beneath her. She’s a politician isn’t she?

There are certainly supporters that would vote for her based strictly on her “first woman” appeal.

Obama offered similar attraction in his run to be “a first.” Likewise many supported JFK in his effort to be the first Catholic president.

Dvorak highlights Clinton’s eight years of “duty” in the White House, public service as a U.S. senator and later as Secretary of State as qualifiers for the presidency.

A good resume is more than just time served. If White House time was a true measure, then Valerie Jarrett would be a prime presidential candidate.

Solid results and achievements are mandatory. Clinton comes up short in those areas.

Clinton’s WH years included the failed push for a national health plan, first First Lady to be subpoenaed (Whitewater), the Lewinsky scandal, and a 35 percent approval rating at one point.

Sen. Clinton voted for the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq Resolution. Later she sought to hasten U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq and opposed the Iraq War troop surge, which she later praised. Finally there’s her failed run for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

Aside from amassing a bazillion frequent flier miles at government expense, Secretary Clinton mismanaged the Benghazi attack, and investigations of personal email misuse still dog her.

In our zest to attain another “first” let us not forget substance.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon