Letters to the Editor

Never forget 9/11

To remember 9/11, Hero’s Way Angel and Flag Stands at 6103 N. Park Drive, in Washington Park will build on and add new flags to our flag stands and angels. And in Madison County we will build a new Angel and Flag Stand in memory of Joe Dundan, an Army veteran and a clown for Ainad Shriners Temple in East St. Louis. Joe retired from the U.S. Post Office where he had been a longtime postal carrier (mailman). Joe was an independent Republican. He was an animal lover, like us. He truly was our hero. He’s now in heaven. We love him and miss him. His widow, Brenda, we stay in contact with.

9/11 was a very sad day for all of America and all over the world. How could we forget. We will not. Let’s pray for peace and harmony. Thank God for President George W. Bush creating Homeland Security. Pray for an end to all the violence going on, lowlife law-breakers in California and everywhere. We’ve got to get a real commander in chief and president in the White House to make America great again with the sweet grace of God Almighty. God bless America.

Tom Qualls Sr., Washington Park