Letters to the Editor

The property in question

We now know where the property is located that Mayor Mark Eckert stated the value was going up, up, up. It is a small slice of soil between the Lindenwood University men’s dorm and the railroad tracks.

According to city employee Royce Carlisle, this .388 acre piece of property is valued between $25,000 and $35,000. I don’t know where he got his appraiser’s license, but I want him to appraise my house. The EPA is requiring Belleville to install a lift station that will benefit all citizens including Lindenwood University. Lindenwood is donating this property with the stipulation that the city build an 8-foot decorative soundproof wall to stop any noise from the pump.

Seriously? This property is 4 feet from the railroad tracks and located between two crossings that require a whistle. Even if you could quiet the pump, the train noise will overpower everything.

City engineer Tim Gregowicz thinks this could cost $12,000 but he has never built one. So 14 aldermen thought it was a good idea to vote yes on this contract to build this wall at whatever the cost to the taxpayers. If this was anybody else, Belleville would have just taken the property. His council failed to do its due diligence.

Dianne Rogge, Belleville