Letters to the Editor

Political vision is too local

Getting regional cooperation resembles herding cats. We each think our personal opinion is the most sensible. But, when we voice this opinion we find out there are many differing opinions.

My largest concern is a local one. My street has a lot of basketball hoop stands. These ugly eyesores have been erected in half the driveways. Some have been moved out of the driveways to the grass at the curb, with the basket hanging out over the street. To stabilize them these stands have unsightly bags of sand piled at their bases. They look bad and could fall into the street.

These basketball stands are little different than leaving random auto parts strewn about the front lawn. I am informed by village government that there are ordinances against these eyesores, but there is no money, manpower, or will to enforce these non-violent violations of local code.

My local concern is being addressed in the same manner as the NGA location, homelessness, TIFs, road maintenance, water and sewer problems. Mine, and the other problems, are not being addressed because all politics are local. Too many individuals, and too small groups of people, are unwilling to work together to solve problems that are not really just local concerns. We need to think regionally and nationally to solve local problems that plague all of us.

David J. Busse, Maryville