Letters to the Editor

Demonic chaos

The God of Israel created male and female, not transgender. You’re not born transgender, but you make a choice to be transgender.

The devil confuses transgenders with the demonic chaos that they don’t know their true sexuality. If you are born a male, you go the men’s bathroom and if you are born a female, you go to the women’s bathroom. The lie of the devil for the transgenders is trying to push their demonic agenda on the Christian people. The 10 percent transgender people want to control the 90 percent Christians bathrooms in the United States.

I pray in the name of Jesus that the transgender people are set free from the demonic homosexual spirit. In the name of Jesus, free the transgenders’ minds from confusion of their sex.

This is a final attack of the devil to try to attack the Christians in the bathrooms in the USA. I pray in the name of Jesus for the perverted spirit to leave the transgenders’ bodies by the power of God, amen. Jesus has delivered the transgender people in masses in these last days to His Glory. Born a man, die a man; born a woman, die a woman!

George Culley, Pinckneyville