Letters to the Editor

Officials could have aided chocolate crawl

The midtown section of Main Street stretches from 6th to 28th streets. It is a struggling section of the city with 20 vacant storefronts. For the second year 17 merchants organized a chocolate crawl. How disappointing that the only city official to participate was Ward 2 Alderman Buettner who was working at his business which was also the starting point for the event.

I personally reminded Ward 2 Alderman Jane Pusa the day before. She was a no show. Ward 5 Aldeman Phil Silsby and Ed Dintelmann who represent part of this area were also no shows. Alderman Silsby had the only question at the city council meeting where a unanimous vote allowed this activity to happen. Not even the mayor bothered to stop by these merchants, although he was able to attend a drawing in midtown later that evening.

They should be ashamed. I understand that these officials may not want to patronize the business owned by Alderman Buettner and myself but there were 16 other businesses that they shunned. Ward 2 deserves better. Ward 5 deserves better. The city of Belleville certainly deserves better. In the upcoming April 2017 election, please vote responsibly and accordingly.

Dianne Rogge, Belleville