Letters to the Editor

Work to close the divide

Letter writer Mars Eghigian apologized to the readers for having to straighten me out for labeling him as one of the president-bashers in my April 17 letter. He further stated I was an ideologue, and one of Obama’s paladins, who offers illusory commentary, and a calumny for all things Republican. Totally false! I’m no ideologue for any political party, nor person, and my comments are in no way deceptive.

Eghigian said he’s an independent, who credited Obama with saving the economy from the brink, etc., and who recognized Bush’s $5 trillion debit liability. Did Eghigian state this in the newspaper, or do those credits linger only in the recesses of his mind?

Eghigian can call me one of Obama’s paladins if he so chooses, but no way will I stand idly by, while this great president is constantly being denigrated. I’d give this same support to a white, Republican president if he concerned himself with the welfare of the American people.

Actually, I was in a state of disbelief when the majority of American people refused to speak out against Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders, who, from day one, boasted they wouldn’t cooperate with President Obama. I expected these citizens to demand respect for the presidential office, if nothing else.

When a president is disrespected because of his racial heritage, is it any wonder a racial divide exists? Let’s work to close this divide, before outside forces use this divide to further their cause.

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville