Letters to the Editor

Road district rip-off

Residents of Swansea, Shiloh and Fairview Heights are getting ripped off by the St. Clair Township Road District.

To find out if you live in St. Clair Township, take out your property tax bill and look for the St. Clair Road line item. If you find it, you live in St. Clair Township. Multiply that line by 0.66. The result is the amount of money that you are paying to the St. Clair Township Road District for absolutely no services because your city, not the road district, takes care of your roads. The other one-third of the tax is transferred from the road district to your city and is used for your road care.

In my case, I am paying the road district $87 each year for no benefit. All city dwellers as a group are paying over $300K each year to the Township Road District to maintain subdivision roads outside of our cities.

Road Commissioner John “Skip” Kernan could have abated the part of the tax that most hurts city residents but he instead increased it by $100K two years ago and he has kept it at its maximum rate ever since.

Since Road Commissioner Kernan will not treat city residents fairly, the city governments of Swansea, Shiloh and Fairview Heights need to lobby our state legislators to change the law to require that any tax collected by road districts from city residents be transferred back to the cities from which it was taken.

Timothy Buchanan, Swansea