Letters to the Editor

5-16-16 Sound-Off: Why does Lindenwood get to skirt housing laws?

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Lindenwood skirts housing laws

The hypocrites who are siding with the students who live at Lindenwood, remember the city gave Lindenwood permission to skirt the housing laws that you have to follow. Ask the couple who has a newborn and has to move out of a one bedroom apartment because they are not allowed under their occupancy permit restrictions. Ask yourself why the Mayor lets Lindenwood get away with things. Is there a financial interest? Future employment with them? What could it be? The EPA has rules about open burning, pallets are not among the things you are allowed to burn. It would behoove the aldermen in Ward 1 to learn about these things before making comments about people with valid complaints. Hypocrisy works both ways.

Frustrating real estate taxes

The increases in our real estate taxes for St. Clair County again is frustrating. My taxes went up over $300. When you call to complain, the excuse you get is “everybody’s taxes went up”. We moved from a rural area outside of Belleville because the taxes were higher, to Swansea where we thought they were lower. In the last couple of years we are paying as much here as we were there. Swansea took a bite out of us this year too with their tax increases. It’s getting impossible to live and own a home in St. Clair County anymore with what we pay in real estate taxes.

50 years of domination

It’s amazing for 50 years a certain political party has dominated St. Clair County and how Belleville has gone downhill dramatically in the last few years. I’m hoping that the folks in St. County will wise up and put some people in there that know what they are doing, except for the ones that are power hungry.

Mishandling the drug problem

If anyone is looking for an example of why people are fed up with government and the idiots in charge. Look at a recent front page of the BND: “Obama commutes sentence for dealer.” All you see on TV is reporting on the drug epidemic and break-ins, robberies, shootings, all related to drugs. Then Obama commutes a sentence of a drug dealer. Where do you come off trying to solve the drug problem on a commuted sentence? Run rampant, let the drugs flow. Government is beyond comprehension.

TIF and taxes

I live in the west end of Belleville, zip 62226. I had a previous TIF amount on my tax bill $700, on my new tax bill it’s increased $600 to $1,300. Is this for the new Shrine development out there? Mr. Eckert you propose a tax increase because of the disabled veterans. The problem is demonstrated by your TIF crap. You have siphoned off $1,300 off my tax bill, which could be going to other agencies, such as the city to pay for my taxes. But no, you want to promote the TIF for your personal slush fund. Take it and shove it. We are paying enough taxes.

What are they thinking?

When I continue to see the pathetic letters over life over abortion, I wonder what they are thinking. The letters do no good. Talk to your doctor. If the AMA could come out and say life begins at conception, the government could no way allow the pro-abortion agenda. Check out the March of Dimes, which moved from polio into prenatal care. They do not condemn abortion, but they collect money like they are in business to help people to conceive and deliver a healthy child. They are lying, too. Check it out.

Time for an update

A letter writer refers to time for an update. Whatever happened to the deal with the last killer, responsible for the woman burned alive in her car five years ago in Fairmont City? There has never been any statement about this last person being competent to go to jail. The BND needs to do an update on Mr. Kelly and the St. Clair County Court system to get busy and put this criminal away or execute him. The judicial system needs to sentence the killer. Why let it drag on?

What a hoot

On Mother’s Day, reading the BND, I didn’t have to look at the funnies to get a laugh. On page 3A I found an article, “Ethics training offered for public officials”. What a hoot!

Send parents to jail

Where were the parents of the three underage punks who robbed and sexually assaulted the woman last week? If these youths “were known to the local police” surely the police have talked to the parents about their children’s actions. I say the parents should go to jail along with the offending youth. If you can’t watch your kids, don’t know where they are, don’t care to take care of your kids, do not have them.

What happened to the $5 million?

I’m doing all the legwork to find out where to go to get the air pollution testing on my car. What happened to the $5 million they collected in fines? Seems to me with that kind of money they could afford to send out notices. Thinking her tax money should go where it’s supposed to go. The air pollution thing is a farce, that’s some politicians brother must build those buildings or something.

Driving us to ruin

Why do Democrats want to ruin this country? In Illinois the Democrats run into bankruptcy, then want to keep us there, and on the federal level Sanders and Clinton want to turn us into a communist nation. And also welcome more Mexicans and Muslims into the U.S. which will hurt us more than the economy.

Two states

I fully agree with the letter from Joseph Reichert about the NGA debacle. We do have that good buddy of Obama named Durbin. Of course he is a Chicago Democrat that could care less about Southern Illinois. Too bad we can’t draw a line across the state and divide the north from the south. We’d be better off as two states.

Get with it

I read where Sen. James Clayborne says East St. Louis Schools are hurt by low home values. Senator, get with it, take a good look at how much TIF money your city is siphoning off of your schools. That money could be put to better use, than sitting there giving it out to who’s who in East St. Louis for kickbacks and so forth. Sen. Clayborne, you are out of line and plain dumb. TIF is taking money away from your schools, not low appraised value on the houses. You are a hypocrite.

Gun control nutheads

For the Obama nutheads who want to enforce gun control, including Clinton, the United States is third in murders throughout the world. If you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans, the U.S.A. would be fourth from the bottom for murders. Believe it or not, these four cities also have the toughest gun control laws in the United States. If you add St. Louis and Chicago to the list of offenders, we would probably be last on the list in murders. So let’s take a look at the cities that cause the most problems.

What’s the hubbub?

What is all the hubbub about coal plants being victims of Obama’s policies? Everybody should remember when he was running for president, he said he was going to get rid of the coal industry. He did what he said he was going to do.