Letters to the Editor

Durbin’s not in tune

Belleville News-Democrat’s headline, “Durbin: Obama had no role in NGA choice” and the senator’s comments in the article are somewhat misleading. The north St. Louis site was included on President Obama’s 2015 Promise Zone candidate listing.

Durbin said he did not know if the NGA director’s decision was political or purely rational. Like the novice gun owner pleaded, “I didn’t know it was loaded.”

Apparently he’s not in tune with the blowback directed at the Army Corps of Engineers Final Environmental Impact Statement after its release.

Durbin offered, “I asked the White House and the president to stay out of it.” It’s great to have such a close rapport with the president. In hindsight he should have pressed Obama to support our state and county’s “rational” proposal. Isn’t that how politicians serve their constituency?

The president may not have been personally involved in the NGA decision, as Durbin theorizes, but he still could have influenced it. Political appointee’s like Mr. Cardillo are savvy enough to know when to do the politically correct thing.

Apparently our retiring senator has blown his chance to have “Dick Durbin Drive,” leading up to the new NGA West facility, named in his honor. Obama is still in the running though.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon