Letters to the Editor

Keeping up

I remember when reading the paper would usually be enough to “keep up.” The comments from two readers show how shallow the general opinions of the public are for so many.

For Lori Felts: I don’t know what is happening in Worden, but in the rest of the world the assault on normal retail sales has been under way for several years. And the president or the government in general has nothing to do with it. Many long-time businesses are failing or condensing their markets because too much is now done “online.” Amazon, EBay, Wayfair, Overstock.com and many others bypass the malls and go directly to the consumer. It won’t be stopped or slowed down. Sports Authority will be gone soon and others will follow.

To Patricia Jones, who wonders about gas prices: I have to say that as far as gas goes, the USA is in the public market place in Katmandu where the selection and prices change by the hour. Not just because of supply, but because of a huge loophole created by Bill Clinton. Not enough refineries.

You have to read more than one paper. You have to skip both soap operas and CSpan and watch Bloomberg or MSNBC to watch the prices change by the hour.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville