Letters to the Editor

Not a happy resolution

I am often amazed at the stupidity of people. It’s as if, they have no common sense at all. For instance, the closing of the Happy Cow Restaurant. The owner got behind on sales tax payments to the state. So, the state closed the restaurant down. Now eight people are out of jobs, many customers have to find somewhere else to eat. And this great little restaurant is gone forever.

The state will never get those back taxes. A more sensible move would have been to sit down with the owners and work out a payment plan based on the owner’s ability to pay. But no, that would have entailed a little common sense. It’s no wonder this state is in the shape it’s in with the people we have sent to Springfield. The governor and Madigan are butting heads over who is running the state. I always thought the governor ran the state with the advice and consent of the Legislature. The word is compromise, get it, compromise.

We’re never going to have a budget unless all parties sit down and work together. Is that asking too much? The people of this state deserve a lot better than they are getting.

Claude T. Cable, Fairview Heights