Letters to the Editor

Attached to others

As I graduated from Morgan State University, I watched President Bill Clinton address my graduating class to cure AIDS. Afterward, he enjoyed our jazz songs. I played with the same bass guitar I used at East Side. Then I remembered it’s Bill who likes all blacks.

Today his wife runs for office but she’s mainly cool with sisters. In fact, when was the last time you seen her around a black man? This is for folks who think I cynically slander ... prove me wrong before today.

Then I thought about Benghazi and how quiet she is about Russia flying too close to our Navy ship ... and says nothing. Unlike Trump. Yeah, Putin sees another Obama versus a Margaret Thatcher.

So the story’s moral is to stop voting for folks because they are attached to others. I would hate to see nuclear missiles we already can’t stop come from China while Putin decides to see if Clinton would attack after striking our Navy ship.

Derwin Wince, Cahokia