Letters to the Editor

Biblical basis

Dan Gruchala asks for a biblical basis for not building the new NGA West in North St. Louis.

He reminds me of the thought process of former KMOX radio personality Anne Keefe who it is said could turn a forest fire into a feminist issue.

I agree that socioeconomic conditions are a contributing factor for crime but he is mistaken if he thinks transplanting NGA to a DMZ will ease the plight of those who have been held hostage there for generations.

The workers to build the structure will come from area union halls across the region and when they are done they will be gone. NGA staff will commute to work and then flee to the relative safety of their own neighborhoods without spending a dime while in transit.

The only scripture I could find that might apply is from Nehemiah where the Jews were rebuilding the tumbled down walls of Jerusalem but were under threat of those who would hinder their work. They had to carry not only building materials and tools but also had to keep a weapon at the ready in case of attack.

Talk about a hostile work environment.

Mark Godwin, Lebanon