Letters to the Editor

A good book

I see writer Jim Walters is at it again. Talking about something he obviously knows nothing about. But because he doesn’t want to believe he criticizes instead.

Maybe if he would spend time reading the bible instead of saying there is no God, he would realize a few things. It clearly states that man was created in God’s image. The rest came after man was created. It took six days to create the rest, animals, trees, grass, etc. He would know that if he would bother to read it.

Just because Jim doesn’t want to believe in God doesn’t mean he doesn’t excite. I wonder if he is afraid of God and maybe that is why he won’t or doesn’t want to believe. He can’t even call the man by name. He has to refer to him as G-man. That says a lot right there. The bible is not nonsense. It is a good book.

Lori Felts, Worden