Letters to the Editor

Society ignores laws, common sense

For the past two decades the LGBT cabal has successfully inculcated upon the American psyche the notion that abnormal sexual practices are to be given the same civil rights status and protection as are afforded people of color. Traditional marriage has morphed into same-sex marriage and will likely be extended to multiple partners. Currently those who are vexed with their birth gender are also being given the “civil right” to choose the restroom that matches his or her mood of the day. I believe we have become a nation “so open-minded that our brains have fallen out.”

It seems that our society has “evolved” to the point that we now ignore laws and common sense strictures to behavior so as to pursue whatever we desire. If we want to do it, it must be good. In our search for a Utopian existence we now ignore the very structure that makes for a free and orderly society not realizing that never will everybody be satisfied all the time.

One definition of freedom consists of “liberty” and “license.” Liberty is the freedom to do what is right and just. License is the freedom to whatever you want to do regardless of the impact of the rest of society. As was said on a famous episode of Star Trek, “Resistance is futile — you will be assimilated.” “Maranatha!”

James McAfee, Belleville