Letters to the Editor

‘In God We Trust’

Is God and religion dead? North Carolina Gov. McCrory, a staunch pro-family and pro-life supporter, was a guest on a Sunday political broadcast. The topic was transgender discrimination. Gov. McCrory defended his position against the Justice Department-sponsored bill that would usurp the constitutional right of the N.C. voters favoring religious freedom (conscience rights) and against transgender regulations. The Justice Department-sponsored bill would not only force N.C. to obey this bill, but also every state, forcing transgender regulations in schools, businesses, churches, etc. This is raw tyranny.

Liberal millionaires, entertainers, businesses and corporations dare to threaten economic ruin to N.C. if they don’t comply. These are SS tactics. Remember the Holocaust.

Columnist Dennis Prager responds to the secularist thinking that America can survive the death of God and religion. Prager warns they are wrong, stating that a people’s religion and faith creates their culture, and their culture creates their civilization. When faith dies, the culture dies. The civilization dies, and the people begin to die. The last 60 years bear him out.

Empires came and died, and our founding fathers came to America and proclaimed, “In God We Trust.” Do you?

Esther Koch, Breese