Letters to the Editor

Wiggle room

If a priest or extraordinary minister knowing a person is divorced and remarried, and had not reconciled themselves to the church, then the priest or minister not only is contributing to the sin being committed by the person, but also is committing a serious violation of the rules of the Catholic Church and must confess their sin as well.

The most serious problem facing the church today is the loss in the belief that Jesus Christ is truly present in the Eucharist, (He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood, hath everlasting life. John 6:55). This is evident in the numerous so-called (Catholics in name only CINO’s) who practice artificial contraception which is a grievous sin and one cannot receive the Eucharist if one does not cease this activity, truly repent and be reconciled to the church. Additionally, any person entering into marriage with the intent to practice artificial birth control, does not have a valid marriage.

The Catholic Church is not an easy road to everlasting salvation, our Savior pointed this out on numerous occasions, but it is the only way, but people want wiggle room, their faith is not strong enough to support them obeying God’s rules. But there are many options if you have for more wiggle room, just don’t make a mockery of a faith that you cannot live up to, and expect to wiggle your way into heaven.

Lee Harris, Belleville