Letters to the Editor

Use common sense

Last month I had to put my wife in a nursing home. She has dementia and very weak leg muscles. Because of her dementia, she does not realize that she has weak leg muscles and she continues to try to stand up and walk. She has already fallen several times, fortunately with only minor injuries. I am very concerned and afraid for her safety and next time her fall may not be so minor. She can easily break a bone, hit her head, or some other trauma.

I asked the nursing staff for a belt so I could secure her to her wheelchair. I was told that this was against the law. If a belt to keep her secure in her wheelchair is illegal, why are we required to wear a seat belt in a car?

I wonder if the lawmakers who came up with this law are the same people who came up with the law that states if a person has the plumbing of a man but feels like a female they are welcome to use the ladies’ restroom.

Do you think our laws are screwed up a bit?

I need help in changing this law so people can use common sense when it applies to laws like these if a family member chooses to look out for the safety of their elderly loved ones when they can’t be with them constantly.

Tom Murphy, Belleville